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Product Overview

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Custom handmade plain leather dog collar fit to your pup's exact neck size. 

Pick your width from 3/4" wide up to 4" wide.


Why choose our plain design? We use only the best premium quality leather used for horse tack.

1. It's super strong. (it's made for horses)

2. It's durable.

3. We guarantee the quality of our work for the lifetime of our gear.

4. Our design is geared towards power breeds and thus designed for maximum pressure point security.


All collars widths 2.5" or wider will have a tapered buckle end down to 2" wide and the D ring is ALWAYS in the strongest position on these wider collars for larger dogs. If you prefer no taper please mention in comments and we can accommodate a side buckle and D for an additional fee we can send in a custom invoice. This fee is based on the costs of the wider buckle and D ring at time of purchase.


You have the option to add a stamped name or your preferred stud pattern for only $5 each option.


Our Axle Stud pattern features 2 studs on top of each other the full length of the collar on each side of a name.

The Alpha Stud features a 3x3 group of studs on each side of a stamped name.


What is a taper? A tapered buckle is when we thin the buckle end slightly thinner than the full collar width as shown in the photo below.


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