• 3" ZOMBIE HUNTER Dog Collar

    3" ZOMBIE HUNTER Dog Collar

    Zombie Hunter dog collar design shown here on a 3.5" wide collar w/ a 2" buckle and strap. Select your preferred width from the drop down. Please note if you select to LUX it you can pick ANY of the leather colors we offer this includes premium...

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  • 2.5" KATSUMI LUX Dog Collar

    2.5" KATSUMI LUX Dog Collar

    This 2.5" wide KATSUMI LUX dog collar is double layered and features a custom hand carved font that is then hand painted in your choice of one of our vibrant paint colors. The centered hand carved text is surrounded by accent studs that really makes this...

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    A 2.5 inch wide outstanding example of classic meets modern style...where simplicity and grace are married together to create a stunning design that is sure to stand the tests of time. When your K9 companion leaves an impression larger than life only a...

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