Tidus planted his feet, "you're not gonna scare me away" he growled. He knew in his heart this was his last chance... he needed to prove his spot at the top of this pack.

He lowered his head, narrowed his gaze, and charged at Atom. The impact was loud, brutal and swift. Tiw wolves fought and tumbled, both determined to come out the victor, both focused on the spoils the battle entailed.

Brown and silver tussled, faster and faster, over and over they turned until finally Tidus stood with his massive paw planted squarely on Atom's chest and growled, "Submit!"

Atom's heart beat loud and fast, he knew a deep respect for his opponent.. he knew there was no shame to admit his defeat. Swiftly he rolled to the side and gracefully bowed in front of Tidus..naming him the new Alpha of the pack.

Our Alpha Dog collar celebrates the wolf within each and every dog... from Poodle to a Saint Bernard... it celebrates strength, courage, and a sense of pride. Because any dog can be in a pack... but only the best can be a Alpha Dog.

Please note the item in the actual pic is a 1.5" wide collar so the spacing of width vs. letters will look slightly different as this listing is for a 1" wide. Our computer crashed so we are working on getting a correct image listed for this listing. The correct letter size to width ratio is seen on our Axle Rows Vivid version here. Please view this image for size/ratio reference only not for the studs of painted letters. 




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