TALVI Alpha Vivid Spark

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Product Overview

Our TALVI collar design is what came about when a client requested the AXLE ROWS VIVID Stamp n' Spark with stones on a thin width collar. Because Stones only come in 1/2" size we had to modify... it turned out beautifully thus earing itself a spot in our line up.

You select your preferred leather color, jewel or stone color, customized text, and text color. 

Click on the photos below to enlarge the options available for this listing.


Please note the Cobalt Blue jewel in our larger size is now more a Royal Blue jewel and the Turquoise Green jewel in our larger size is now more of an Emerald Green jewel.

The Cranberry [S10] stone looks kinda weird in this pic & The Hot Pink jewel [J11] is not available in brass at this time.

JEWELS J1 - Clear Jewel J2 - Lavender Jewel J3 - Rose Jewel J4 - Sky Jewel J5 - Sea Green Jewel J6 - Yellow Jewel J7 - Orange Jewel J9 - Black Jewel J10 - Violet Jewel J11 - Hot Pink Jewel  J12 - Royal Jewel J13 - Emerald Jewel J14 - Amber Jewel J15 - Red Jewel
STONES S1 - White Stone S2 - Black Stone S3 - Pearl Stone S4 - Pink Stone S5 - Navy Stone S6 - Turquoise Stone S7 - Teal Stone S8 - Jade Stone S9 - Tiger Eye Stone S10 - Cranberry Stone  S11 - Orange Stone S12 - Blue Turquoise Stone S13 - Denim Stone S14 - Hunter Green Stone


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