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 As the sun sets over the sleepy western town, Sheriff Grady adjusted the cinch on his prized steed...he squints his eyes and looks out without really seeing the amber and ruby sunset on the horizon.  Swinging his leg, he swiftly lands in the saddle then adjusts his gun belt on his slender hips. Twenty years of upholding the law had made Grady a proud, yet humble he guides his horse out of the stables he knows the only place for him is in this valley he loves...

Now for the cowboy in each of us we bring to you one of our most popular signature designs, the Locked and Loaded. A dog collar that celebrates the Old West, six shooters, canteens and occasionally a duel at noon. This collar is so authentic we are sure you'll be hearing Saloon music playing and coyotes on the range!

*** Please note the top layer strap and bullet color may vary based on what is in stock. Please note there is a slight design change that will feature rivets in bewteen each bullet to ensure the bullets stay in place for maximum wear and tear of your dog's new collar.***