BMA Order Payment Listing - #BMA46

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Product Overview

1. Be sure to enter each listing you won by adding to cart 1 at a time.

2. Enter the Listing # and Name. (this is the CAPITALIZED part right after the number)

3. If you're paying for shipping just put SHIPPING in the 1st a box and select 'SHIPPING' from the drop down. You will add your shipping fees on this page, not during checkout. 

4. If it's not a collar but a decal, lead, tag, etc. just select 'NOT A COLLARfrom drop down.

5.If your paying for a collar select the correct neck size range fee (DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE THE NECK SIZE IN THE CUSTOMIZATION DETAIL BOX). All listings for collars include neck sizes up to 21", anything over that has the appropriate fee listed.

6. Select the winning bid amount for that listing and add to cart.


You will do this for each listing you won, and once for shipping. Once you have added all your items you can proceed to checkout. 


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE ALL DETAILS INCLUDING NECK SIZE, COLORS, WIDTHS, ETC. Otherwise your order will go into the missing details pile and will be processed last. Please take the time to include all deatils the first time. Once details are submitted we cannot guarantee changes.