1" 'HEIR' Jeweled & Rectangle Pyramid Studs

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A pyramid stands proudly next to Sphinx. Deep in it's heart lies treasures untold, a burial tomb of a Pharroh who lay sleeping inside a sarcophagus of gold. As night falls and the lands begin to cool King Osiris's spiritual body, or Ba, bursts forth to fly amongst the stars. As he soared he gazed down on the rivers, lands and villages he had once loved so deeply. Reflecting upon his great wealth and fortunes in life, he opened his hands and summoned forth a golden scarab beetle. He spoke a quiet incantation and a hieroglyph glowed in the air...opening his hands further, he took a deep breath and blew on the beetle. It began to glow and dissolve, a golden dust flying to scatter amongst the stars. A blessing of peace, happiness, and plenty he lay upon the lands and then his work he knew was done. Swiftly the Ba returned to the pyramid and settled peacefully into the afterlife.

Our Heir dog collar design celebrates those same blessings boasting proud pyramids and gorgeous gems on a noble leather landscape meant for your loyal and precious canine friend.