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Maddox the brave stands face to face with a troll, facing down all his hidden fears, chasing away his secret he sets his sword and charges into battle he remembers what has led him here. He thinks of the family he so loves, the unity and pride of his tiny village,  the castles and rolling hills and the crystal depth of the Loch Modan...he knows he must remain strong, brave, and bold to defend all he holds dear.

When the dust settles Maddox stands victorious over his foe and gazes out from beneath a sweaty brow..he knows that his family will lay safe tonight because he chooses to protect this precious land.

Our Maddox Lux celebrates this bold and determined protection of family and home by bearing our original Celtic Design Dog Collar design on a gorgeous 2" double layered collar..if you have a proud defender in your life then they deserve no less than a Maddox Lux!