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Welcome to our dog gear sales page. Here you will find random sales as we have them for our personalized leather dog collars and accessories. We continuously change the availability of this page so keep checking in. To stay up to date with our FLASH SALES and other EVENTS be sure to sign up for our shop newsletter below. 

A wonderful feeling when shopping small is you know your putting back into your community and help support a small family business make an honest living. Which in turn allows us to help support those around us in our community, other small businesses and our family.


We have a couple small items on sale TODAY (3/8/19) that will have a 24 hr turn around!


Due to the nature of this sale, the 24 hr turn around is available TODAY (3/8/19) only.

These include our custom stamped key fobs, equal paws tags, and some slip leads. 

Today's a great time to stock up on these and take advantage of the savings and quick turn around. Bulk discounts are available although based on the order size may not qualify for a 24 hr turn around please inquire.

We also have a more custom designed lead on sale. While I will do my best to turn these orders around before I head north for a week or two, please note that this customized strong dog lead does not qualify for the 24 hr turn.



This flash sale is inspired by a couple things. 

1ST: A FAMILY EMERGENCY - we had an unexpected family emergency. My grandmother has fallen ill again and is back in the hospital unable to leave because she has no one local that can take care of her until my Aunt arrives in April.

I need to take some time to go be with her up in Ohio again to help aid in her recovery until my Aunt arrives. The travel expenses involved with this have already added up over the last 3 months that I have been back and forth up north for her.

I'd do anything for that woman. She more than just a Grandma, she is my mother. I owe my life to her so there is nothing in my power that I wouldn't do to see that she is well taken care of. 

2ND: 8 FOSTER PUPPIES - we have been caring for a litter of 8 foster puppies. Feeding, worming, and vetting bills add up fast. It would be lovely if we could recoup some of these costs from this sale.

We've also experienced some recent auto repair issues we will need to address soon so you can rest assured that a nice Auction Event will be soon to follow in the coming month. 

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