Bully Mart Gear ARF Partners

Are you interested in being one of our ARF partners? Being a successful small business that was born out of a benevolent love for our breeds, we are so very pleased to offer a wide range of items that can help raise funds for your rescue or organization. We offer many items from our candles & decals to our collars & apparel. We also offer customized items specific to your organization. 

Since the inception of Bully Mart we have been giving back up to 50% to non profit causes one order at a time with every single purchase that has been made. Our Animal Rescue Fundraising ( ARF ) opportunity is open for application to any organization that needs fundraising aid. From spreading breed or cause awareness to rescuing, feeding, spaying/neutering and further caring for the animals, our ARF opportunity can help.

Not a 501 (c) 3? That is okay, we will set you up as an affiliate & use your Tax ID or SS# instead for record keeping. 

If you are the owner or in charge of the fundraising for your cause and would like to apply please follow the directions and complete the ARF Partner Form by clicking here.


**Please note that Bully Mart is a small company, and we are not a 501c3 organization. We feel that we are fortunate enough to be able to offer the community an opportunity to spotlight their individual efforts, and to help raise much needed funds to help further the image and lives of the dogs we all love. We live by the words we speak. We do not just talk a good game we live the actions of giving back.