#KissByA - Bracelet Cuff

(You save $5.00 )

Show the world you have taken the challenge & been Kissed By (insert your pup here). Your purchase triggers a $5 donation to the rescue you select from the drop down box, in addition you get FREE $HIPPING!!!

For the sake of simplicity they come in 2 colors & 2 widths:

  • Purple & Russet
  • 1/2" wide or 3/4" wide

Not sure exactly what you need to do to take full advantage our added twist to the original challenge Dog Park Publishing initiated?

It's simple:

  1. Get a pic or video clip of you taking the challenged of being kissed by your K9 BFFL :) (that's Best Friend For Life)
  2. Create a post on your preferred social media platform (i.e. facebook, twitter, or instagram, we even have pinterest) & upload that pic or video.
  3. Be sure to include our highlighed/linked tag @BullyMart (make sure were selected so it shows in our notifications) 
  4. It should look something like this: @BullyMart taking the #KissedByAINSERT-YOUR-REP-HERE and I nominate @YOUR-FAVORITE-RESCUE-HERE for the $500 #BullyMart Gift Certificate.

It's that simple, if you tag us correct it will show up in our notifications and we will acknowledge that is has been added to the drawing :).

50% of proceeds benefit your nonimnated rescue. BONUS BITS: PLUS 25% proceeds from any other items purchased in this same transaction!!!

See the full blog post HERE.