• 1" 'HEIR' Jeweled & Rectangle Pyramid Studs

    A pyramid stands proudly next to Sphinx. Deep in it's heart lies treasures untold, a burial tomb of a Pharroh who lay sleeping inside a sarcophagus of gold. As night falls and the lands begin to cool King Osiris's spiritual body, or Ba, bursts forth to...

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  • 1" 'MIAXLEBO'S JEWEL' - Leather Dog Collar

    The 1" MIAXLEBO's JEWEL features alternating jewels and studs. The unique name came from a complete lack of creativity on our part and instead with us being lazy namers it culminated from a name combination of the adorable pups it was originally crafted...

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  • 1" ALPHA DOG

    Tidus planted his feet, "you're not gonna scare me away" he growled. He knew in his heart this was his last chance... he needed to prove his spot at the top of this pack. He lowered his head, narrowed his gaze, and charged at Atom. The impact was loud,...

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  • Shown here with small block font to accommodate for such a long name.

    1" AXLE ROW'S

    The 1" wide AXLE ROWS leather dog collar features a center stamped name up to 7 letters [more are avaialble at $1 per letter] that comes centered between 2 studded rows on each side that stretch the full length of the dog collar.

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  • Personalized Stamped Dog Collar

    1" AXLE ROW'S VIVID Alpha Dog Collar

    The 1" wide AXLE ROW's VIVID leather dog collar features a center stamped name up to 7 letters [more are avaialble at $1 per letter] that comes hand painted in your choice of one of our many vibrant vivid colors and sits in the center of 2 studded...

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  • 1" CHAI TIME Flower Dog Collar

    This is a 1" wide double layered collar inspired and designed by one of our Collar Party guests. She made it for her Staffy named Chai and we felt it only right to name it after her.   Flower Colors: Black, Pink, Purple Turquoise,...

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  • 1" Classic Grem Spark Dog Collar

    This beautiful collar was inspired by a girl named Gremlin. She needed a rockin' new set of bling to wear at her Mom and Dad's wedding... so this is the design we created for her. In honor of that we will be donating a portion of these retail proceeds to...

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    This is a 1" Down The Rabbit Hole Lux. You can select your leather colors and JEWEL colors for this piece. If you would like mixed metals as shown on the white collar with a burgundy top layer you can make mention of that in your checkout notes for now.

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